Hands sometimes emerge from nowhere and stop you from falling further

This is a hand drawn sketch that was mailed to me a few months back, all the way from Finland, by  a one Miss Madeleine Midtskogseter. Inscribed on the back are the words, “At last I see you. The boundless ocean of you.”

On a separate note to me, she conveyed that my book Fuel had inspired her to produce this piece. My mind could not compute this, that I was holding in my hands, a person’s raw emotion.

This welcome surprise came at a time when I felt I was going nowhere with the book’s promotions. But something else she said in her note made me feel differently about my nowhereness. “I understand your discouragement about the tough book market. You probably already know that nothing is impossible and that you will receive everything you desire, but let me tell you again; you have already succeeded. Hearts have been, and continue to be touched by you.”




One thought on “Hands sometimes emerge from nowhere and stop you from falling further

  1. hi Jeremy,
    i agree with Ms Madeleine the artist . i am touched by your book and so so so inspired. altho i detected sum grammar errors here n there (mostly due to poor editing i suppose, forgive me) i am blown by the essence of your story. Although his falling in love with cambria seemed a bit sudden and the introducing of it to the reader wasnt handled in a more believable fashion, i am so in love with certain excerpts and blocks of ideas in the book. Evocative is a word i can describe some parts of which if i had the chance to meet you i would love to discuss . You have made me feel alive in remembering my own dreams again. The connection between the lovers and family and friends are described so beautifully not forgetting the running bits. Well done and thank you for this book.


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