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Protest in KLCC Park against the burning of Bibles

So, I guess I did make the news after all, hahaha! I have protested on many issues before, but only on the page. This was the first time I had actually gone out and joined the masses, and who better with than alongside Marina Mahathir.

I met Marina the day before, and she told me of the small group that was to gather at KLCC Park to protest Perkasa’s threat to burn Malay language Bibles. Bring any book she said. All we’ll do is read.

When I arrived, there were only six people, on picnic mats spread under a cluster of trees. I walked up and asked if this was “the book thing”… and they welcomed me in. There was a stack of books at the center and someone told me to help myself to one if I had not brought my own. At the top of the pile was an English translation of the Holy Quran. This will do, I said to myself, and I reached for it.

Jeremy Chin and Marina Mahathir at Book Protest
Marina arrived 10 minutes later and plonked herself next to me. As a result, I became the second most photographed person at the park that day. She and I spent half the time reading, and the other half chatting about the most random things… as you’d expect from weird me. The gathering ended peacefully, though there was a split second of tenseness when a small band of security personnel rode up on their motorbikes.

“They’re here for you,” I joked, “I’m just some small ikan bilis no name fella.”

“If I’m going to jail,” she paused, “I’m taking you with me.” She pursed her lips, trying her best to rein in her smile.

For those of you not subscribed to MalaysiaKini, here it is:
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