Things that require two hands

My carpal tunnel-stricken hand wrapped in a medicated bandage

My carpal tunnel was like a playful dog begging for attention.

“Look at me, look at me.”

I looked away.

My wrist finally went into a complete lockdown. It became impossible to even grip a toothbrush. I was forced to stop everything I was doing. And it is in these moments that you start to think of all the things you’ve taken for granted.

Things that require two hands:

  1. Wearing socks
  2. Opening a jar of spaghetti sauce (unless you have thunder thighs to grip the bottle)
  3. Cracking half boiled eggs (I can crack eggs using one hand, but not when the eggs are piping hot)
  4. Using a can opener.
  5. Buttoning jeans
  6. Ctrl-Alt-Del
  7. Tie shoelaces
  8. Driving (gotta grip the steering with your teeth when you have to flash your indicator lights)
  9. Pulling off the protective strips for my medicated wrist bandage.
  10. Buttering bread (you end up chasing the slice around on your plate.)
  11. Can’t wash the armpit on the side of my affected hand.
  12. Open sugar that comes in paper sachets (gotta use teeth for this)
  13. Hit airborne mosquitoes (or mosquitoes that have landed on my left arm)
  14. Use scissors (I now know why they make left handed scissors)
  15. Hammer a nail
  16. Iron clothes (yay… have finally found my excuse)



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