I’d like two lattes please

Starbucks coffee takeaway cups

I was glowing ‘happy’ all day, and I thought I’d share with you this secret of how I made it happen.

It started with me running late for an event, and I felt a little flustered, flustered that my life had turned into a series of being late for events. But still, I badly needed my coffee.

Rather than walk around the mall till I ran into a Starbucks, I decided to stop at the information counter to ask for directions. I was attended to by a very friendly young lady, and she pointed me to a Starbucks outside the mall, which conveniently was where I was headed. As I turned to leave, she smilingly joked, “Satu kopi yah”, one coffee please. I grinned at her and said “ya”. 5 minutes later I brought her a latte with a stir stick and two packs of brown sugar.

First she looked surprised, then elated, then in disbelief. The transition of features was worth a million bucks, and from her face I knew this… that every person she would deal with that day would receive a piece of her happiness from the morning.

“I’m really late for something. I’ve gotta run. Enjoy your coffee and have a wonderful day!” And I left, like Batman.

12 bucks… to carve a lifelong happy memory for a person.

I’m always of the view that Starbucks charges too damn much for their coffee, but not on this day.